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Above & Beyond Provide Soundtrack To Virgin Galantic’s Spaceship Launch

Here’s a press release from our friends from Anjunabeats that I personally found interesting… it’s cool to see EDM getting a plug in frontier technology like this.   Enjoy!


British dance act serve up theme to SpaceShipTwo plus exclusive DJ set at launch event

When Virgin Galactic were looking for some atmospheric music to herald the launch of their ground-breaking ‘SpaceShipTwo’ this week, they turned to the UK’s biggest DJs, Above & Beyond.

At an event hosted by Richard Branson in the Mojave Desert, the track chosen to accompany the official unveiling of SpaceShipTwo was Above & Beyond’s club anthem ‘Buzz’, which samples Buzz Aldrin’s original moon-landing dialogue. To mark the occasion, guests were also handed a special ‘Galactic Grooves’ USB wristband, featuring a selection of Above & Beyond’s songs.

After the unveiling and naming by governors Richardson and Schwarzenegger, Above & Beyond performed an exclusive DJ set in front of an audience of 800 dignitaries, celebrities and soon-to-be astronauts, plus the assembled global media.

Jono Grant from Above & Beyond said: “We’re big fans of all things space-related and so in terms of dream gigs, this is up there alongside our performance in Rio to 1million people. We’re now hoping to persuade Richard to let us DJ on the first Virgin Galactic passenger flight into space!”

The launch party also featured the first ever ice bar in the desert, hosted by Absolut and Swedish IceHotel, and all the guests were protected from the desert cold by designer space jackets supplied by PUMA. Finally, to close off the celebrations, all the guests were given the opportunity to view the stunning night skies using specialist telescopes supplied by Ron Dantowitz of the Clay Observatory, whose unique tracking cameras followed SpaceShipOne into space during the epic flights of 2004.

Virgin Galactic is the world’s first consumer space travel operator, with flights costing $200,000. Check for details.

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Paul Oakenfold – Perfecto To Las Vegas

Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of activity lately, we’ve been swamped with some real life stuff.  Don’t worry though, we’ve been making a list of all our favorite tracks to review soon.  Look for it in the upcoming week.  In the meantime, here’s a plug for Paul Oakenfold’s new CD.  Check it out here at WalMart if you get a chance.






The king of dance music is back! Perfecto Las Vegas is a double CD set consisting of 25 exclusive tracks, selected and mixed by the legendary Paul Oakenfold, which focus on the less pop-leaning, more ‘classic Oakey’ sound that you have been asking for since his highly successful, Grammy-nominated 2004 release Creamfields.

Paul Oakenfold has been hailed as one of the world’s leading DJ/ remixers by some of the most respected titles including CNN, BBC, Rolling Stone, BPM, Remix and more. Whether its producing countless film scores including the latest offering from Jerry Bruckheimer ‘G-Force’ to producing on Madonna’s latest release Celebration, Oakenfold is one of the most versatile and busiest forces in the music scene today.

A life-changing break to Ibiza back in 1987 saw Paul discovering Balearic music in clubs such as Amnesia. This inspired Oakenfold to DJ and promote parties in this style and in the late eighties Perfecto Records was born, releasing countless high profile releases and remixes in its path. During the late 90s, Paul helped to popularize trance and has become one of the best-known DJs in the world, graduating from house towards a melodic, commercial style of trance. Holding residencies at Amnesia and a Perfecto residency at Pacha, Paul also opened Ministry Of Sound in London and was their first resident, also holding a famed residency at the UK’s northern superclub Cream that is celebrated through the Grammy nominated 2004 compilation Creamfields, (also being nominated in 2007 with album A Lively Mind).

Over the past year Oakenfold has held a Perfecto residency at the Rain Nightclub, the legendary 25,000 square-foot nightclub and concert venue in Las Vegas. The only place in America that can legally hold parties 24-7 due to its licensing policy, Oakenfold describes Vegas as:

‘The new Ibiza of America. It used to be somewhere families went but now it’s the playground for partygoers who come for a long weekend. It’s been so good, I’ve just renewed my residency for another year and play most Saturdays. I did have options for residencies in New York, Miami and LA, but for me Vegas is the future’.

The Perfecto night is a fully produced show with 75 circus performers and cutting edge visuals and special effects, giving the 3,000-strong crowd a clubbing experience like no other. Due to demand, British Airways have now started flying direct from Heathrow, putting Vegas officially on the map for Brits who like to go further a-field for their party experiences.

Perfecto Las Vegas is a collection of records hand picked and mixed by Oakenfold that go back to his trance roots but are still influenced by his current Vegas soundscape. Including the new Paul Oakenfold track, Buenos Aires plus a 2009 remix of Taste Experience’s Summersault, the compilation also includes Shawn Michaels & Kenneth Thomas Funktion Won, Shannon Let The Music Play (David Delano, Dirty Lou & Swedish Egil Remix), Robert Vadney Away From You, Adam White’s Perfecto remix of Nat Monday Flammable, Elucidate Carousel and Torn Schmitt’s remix of The Fraction Awaken.

In the USA, digital sales of Perfecto Las Vegas beat the late and legendary Michael Jackson to the #1 spot on iTunes’ dance chart and #1 on the Amazon digital album, coming No 66 in the US Billboard Top 200 (beating David Guetta in the process). Oakenfold has surprisingly still found time to remix Michael Jackson classic Dancing Machine, become a Berklee UK Scholarship Honoree, Sell out two nights at the Hollywood Bowl (30,000 punters in total) AND open up for Madonna on all of her Sticky & Sweet UK and European dates. With new artist album Pop Killer to be released next year featuring The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Gnarls Barkley and OneRepublic, Perfecto Las Vegas serves as a reminder that Oakenfold is still at the top of his game.

For those who can’t get to America any time soon, there will be a Paul Oakenfold 12-date tour around the UK to celebrate the release of Perfecto Las Vegas. For further information visit:

To purchase this release from Amazon, click here.

Paul Oakenfold – Perfecto Las Vegas – Tracklisting

01 Hibernate Left Alone
02 The Fraction Awaken (Torin Schmitt Remix)
03 Shawn Michaels & Kenneth Thomas Funktion Won
04 Joe Echo On All My Sundays (Liam Shachar Remix)
05 Dezarate & Michel Manzano Kiss Me Love
06 Shannon Let the Music Play (David Delano, Dirty Lou & Swedish Egil Remix)
07 Joey Modus & Kazell Slack Jaw
08 The Fraction & Corey Croft Tease
09 Nat Monday Break and Fall (Adam White Radio Edit)
10 Vibe Shock Invasion (Borganism Remix)
11 Elucidate Carousel
12 Outer Sunset Feel My Magic (Adam White Remix)
13 Amine Edge & Alexis Dante Eivissa (Deluna Remix)
14 Barrington Lawrence & Shefali Eclipsing The Sun (Barry Jay Remix)
01 Robert Vadney Fallen Angel’s Symphony
02 Happy Monkey King of the Berry (Piano Slam Mix)
03 Jan Johnston Sleeping Satellite (Robert Vadney’s Blamed Remix)
04 Barry Jay Infused
05 Robert Vadney Away From You
06 Nat Monday Flammable (Adam White’s Perfecto Remix)
07 Kenneth Thomas feat. Colleen Riley Wish You Were Here (Ehren Stowers Remix)
08 Trenix Becoming You
09 Paul Oakenfold Buenos Aires
10 Taste Experience Summersault
11 Robert Vadney Club Perfecto
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Above & Beyond TV – A Peek into the Life of Jono, Paavo, and Tony

Today we are proud to present to you all a new installment in the series by Above & Beyond.  It’s a pretty interesting look into the lives of the legendary trio as they travel about, do their usual day to day stuff (sometimes we forget our favorite celebrities are real people to), play in gigs, produce music, etc.  There’s a glimpse into the different production instruments used, and event a wedding thrown in.  Give it a look and while you’re there, check out the rest of the videos Above & Beyond has up.  Congratulations to the three for staying strong at the #4 spot on DJ mag top 100, we have full faith you guys will eventually climb to the top.  So without further ado, here is the video.

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Leaked results of DJ Mag 2009 Final Results

Hey everyone, the staff here at TDM has gotten access to some of the leaked results for the DJ Mag 2009 finalists.  Here is a list of the top 150 artists that were most popular in this year’s polling.  And the winner this year is…. Armin van Buuren again!  Congratulations to Armin for the hat trick of 3 years in a row at #1 after many years at #3.  A lot of people hate on him because of his popularity and increasing mainstream-ness (is that even a word?), but if you really sit down a second and take a look at the energy, tracklist selection, and enthusiasm he brings to ALL of his live events, there is no doubt he deserves his spot.  As for some of the other DJ’s, I cannot say the same and I share others’ sentiments when they say it’s merely a popularity contest.  I’m just here to remind you that even though Armin may be popular, his contributions to trance (while maybe not as significant in the productions side this year) eclipse most artists.  And at the end of the day, this is a voting contest about DJ prowess is it not?  So without further ado, here is the top 150 and their respective changes from last year.

1. Armin van Buuren [non-mover]
2. Tiesto [non-mover]
3. David Guetta [up 2]
4. Above & Beyond [non-mover]
5. Paul van Dyk [down 2]
6. Deadmau5 [up 5]
7. Ferry Corsten [down 1]
8. Markus Schulz [non-mover]
9. Gareth Emery [up 14]
10. Sander van Doorn [up 3]
11. ATB [up 14]
12. Infected Mushroom [down 2]
13. Sasha [down 6]
14. Axwell [up 6]
15. Andy Moor [up 3]
16. Bobina [up 12]
17. John Digweed [down 8]
18. Carl Cox [down 6]
19. Cosmic Gate [up 43]
20. Steve Angello [up 43]
21. Roger Shah [up 37]
22. Aly & Fila [up 9]
23. Paul Oakenfold [down 9]
24. John O’Callaghan [up 36]
25. Sebastian Ingrosso [new entry]
26. Benny Benassi [up 13]
27. Laidback Luke [up 19]
28. Richie Hawtin [down 13]
29. Fedde Le Grand [non-mover]
30. DJ Feel [up 25]
31. Lange [up 6]
32. Hernan Cattaneo [down 16]
33. Daft Punk [up 5]
34. Eric Prydz [down 13]
35. Bob Sinclar [up 5]
36. Joachim Garraud [down 9]
37. Kyau & Albert [down 15]
38. James Zabiela [down 21]
39. Umek [down 6]
40. Christopher Lawrence [re-entry]
41. Eddie Halliwell [down 22]
42. Simon Patterson [up 22]
43. Offer Nissim [up 8]
44. Judge Jules [down 12]
45. Sean Tyas [up 9]
46. Dubfire [down 16]
47. Martin Solveig [up 5]
48. Sven Vath [down 24]
49. Richard Durand [up 17]
50. Marco V [down 6]
51. Kaskade [new entry]
52. Tydi [new entry]
53. Erick Morillo [up 17]
54. Matt Darey [down 20]
55. Astrix [down 12]
56. Menno de Jong [down 8]
57. The Thillseekers [down 12]
58. Nick Warren [up 26]
59. Dirty South [up 15]
60. Roger Sanchez [down 3]
61. Mark Knight [down 19]
62. Wally Lopez [up 13]
63. Leon Bolier [down 32]
64. Blank & Jones [down 3]
65. Justice [up 8]
66. Laurent Wolf [up 1]
67. Astral Projection [up 27]
68. Boys Noize [new entry]
69. Ronski Speed [up 28]
70. Sander Kleinenberg [down 11]
71. Ricardo Villalobos [down 35]
72. Chuckie [new entry]
73. Sharam [new entry]
74. Marcel Woods [up 9]
75. Lisa Lashes [up 2]
76. Moonbeam [new entry]
77. Rank 1 [re-entry]
78. Sebastien Leger [up 11]
79. Marcus Schossow [new entry]
80. Steve Lawler [up 11]
81. Skazi [re-entry]
82. Super8 & Tab [new entry]
83. Pete Tong [down 5]
84. Tocadisco [up 14]
85. Sied van Riel [new entry]
86. Tiga [re-entry]
87. Daniel Kandi [new entry]
88. Mike Koglin [down 1]
89. Luciano [re-entry]
90. Yahel [down 34]
91. Myon & Shane 54 [new entry]
92. John B [new entry]
93. Simon Posford [new entry]
94. Fatboy Slim [down 2]
95. Robbie Rivera [re-entry]
96. Antoine Clamaran [new entry]
97. Nic Fanciulli [down 1]
98. Gui Boratto [new entry]
99. Alex M.O.R.P.H. [new entry]
100. Andy C [down 50]
101. Greg Downey
102. Talla 2XLC
103. Armand Van Helden
104. Deep Dish
105. Dash Berlin
106. The Chemical Brothers
107. Danny Tenaglia
108. Sesto Sento
109. Peter Rauhofer
110. Dj Vibe
111. Danny Howells
112. John Dahlbäck
113. Showtek
114. David Vendetta
115. Dj Dan
116. Laurent Garnier
117. Magda
118. Crookers
119. Loco Dice
120. BT
121. Chris Lake
122. Anderson Noise
123. Pendulum
124. Chris Liebing
125. Gabriel & Dresden
126. Nitrous Oxide
127. Yoji
128. Marco Carola
129. Chicane
130. Adam Beyer
131. Mauro Picotto
132. Mstrkrft
133. Joris Voorn
134. Jody Wisternoff
135. Bad Boy Bill
136. Stoneface & Terminal
137. Don Diablo
138. Valentino Kanzyani
139. Darude
140. James Holden
141. Tritonal
142. Spartaque
143. Heatbeat
144. Victor Calderone
145. The Bloody Beetroots
146. 2Manydjs
147. Manuel Le Saux
148. Hybrid
149. Lisa Pin-Up
150. Mat Zo

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Above & Beyond launch a free iPhone app

Hey everyone, just wanted to shout out to all our readers that Above & Beyond have released a new iPhone app that’s free for download, you can find the entire story below, but for all my fellow iPhone users, I totally recommend checking out the application.  Also, to celebrate this event, they are having a raffle to win a 32 GB iTouch filled with A&B music.  Check out the details below!


Above & Beyond launch new iPhone app

Above & Beyond have launched ‘A&B Connect’, a brand new iPhone app enabling fans to stay in direct contact with the band, wherever they are. The app is free and timed to coincide with the iTunes release of Above & Beyond’s new Anjunabeats Volume 7 compilation.

A&B Connect v1.0 gives fans access to latest news, music, tweets, pictures, podcasts, Above & Beyond TV videos and tour info, direct from the band. Using the app’s push notification system, Above & Beyond also plan to send personal messages to app users’ iPhones.

Above & Beyond’s Paavo Siljamaki said: “This is really just the beginning of our plans for the app – future updates will really focus on direct contact with our fans, as well as giving fans the chance to interact with like-minded souls all over the globe via a new community-based platform that we’re cooking up”.

A&B Connect v1.0 includes the following features:


- One click to listen to all the latest Above & Beyond tracks, with the chance to click through and buy from iTunes

- Share functionality with Facebook and Twitter


- Watch the latest Above & Beyond TV episodes and promo videos, streamed directly from A&B’s YouTube Channel.


- Read Above & Beyond’s latest News and Twitter posts, view Gig Photos via an in-built Flickr interface, and follow Above & Beyond Tour dates using a GPRS map system


- Read the Above & Beyond Biography and link to Above & Beyond’s website, Myspace, Facebook and TATW podcast

A&B Connect v1.0 is available as a free download from the iTunes app store. Click here to get the app now.


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